Robeson County’s municipal elections are Nov. 7. Here are the candidates

From staff reports

Voters across Robeson County will go to the polls this fall to choose mayors and town council members. 

Nearly 60 people filed this summer to run for seats in 12 cities and towns in the county’s Nov. 7 municipal elections. 

Municipal governing boards, which are typically led by mayors, are responsible for using taxpayers’ money to fund services such as law enforcement and trash collection. They also have the final say over proposed development projects, including new homes and businesses, within town limits. 

Here are the candidates.

Fairmont Town Council 

Jeffery (JJ) McCree (incumbent)

Heather Seibles (incumbent)

Jan Tedder-Rogers (incumbent)

Lumber Bridge Town Council 

Randy Russ (incumbent)

Lumberton Mayor

John Cantey

Bruce W. Davis (incumbent)

Leland Fuller

Lumberton City Council District 1

Travis Lewis

Leroy Rising (incumbent)

Lumberton City Council District 4

Karen Altman Higley (incumbent)

Lumberton City Council District 6

Erich Von Hackney

Lumberton City Council District 7

Eric Chavis (incumbent)

Jan Maynor

Maxton Mayor

Bethea McDougal

Emmett (Chip) Morton

Shelman Spencer

Maxton Board of Commissioners 

James McDougald

Paul McDowell (incumbent)

Robert Macy

Charnette J. Murphy

Michael Hines

Toni (Kandy) Bethea (incumbent)

McDonald Mayor

James R. Taylor (incumbent) 

McDonald Town Council 

Dannie Bacot (incumbent)

Kathleen Bacot

Alan Britt (incumbent) 

Parkton Mayor

Prudence Hentz

Wayne Parnell

Doris Brisson Underwood

Parktown Town Council 

Christopher Carlson (incumbent) 

Ed Lowery (incumbent) 

Ben Mahaffey

Daniel Currie McColl III (incumbent)

Tony McVickers (incumbent)

Pembroke Mayor

Gregory Cummings (incumbent) 

Allen G. Dial

Pembroke Town Council 

Rudy Locklear

Larry McNeill (incumbent) 

Ryan Sampson (incumbent) 

Proctorville Mayor

Michael Sealy (incumbent)

Proctorville Town Council 

(No filings) 

Red Springs Town Council 

Sandy (Billy) Bowen 

Duron Burney (incumbent)

C.L. Edmonds (incumbent)

Sarah Glenn

Caroline C. Sumpter (incumbent)

Rennert Town Council 

Olivia Alford

Sabrina Colson (incumbent)

Brenda Locklear (incumbent)

Vivian Wilson McRae (incumbent) 

Rowland Mayor

Robert McDougald (incumbent) 

Rowland Town Council 

Robert L. Belin

Betty J. Boyd

Allen Jean Love

Timothy T. Smith

St. Pauls Mayor

Elbert Gibson

Jerry Weindel

St. Pauls Town Council, At-large seat

Don Brisson

Evans Jackson

Jerry Quick