Election Day in Robeson County is Nov. 8. Here’s who is on the ballot

By Sarah Nagem


Voters across North Carolina, including in Robeson County, will cast ballots in the Nov. 8 midterm election that could have major impacts at the state and federal levels. 

Here are some key points: 

  • The race between Republican Ted Budd and Democrat Cheri Beasley in North Carolina could help decide which party controls the U.S. Senate. The chamber is now split evenly, but Democrats control the agenda.
  • Democrats currently control the U.S. House, but experts predict Republicans could win enough seats this fall to take over. As a result of redistricting, Robeson County is becoming part of district 7, which is currently held by Rep. David Rouzer, a Wilmington Republican. Charles Graham, a Democrat who represented Robeson for years in the N.C. House, is running against Rouzer. 
  • The N.C. Supreme Court has a Democratic majority, but that would change if Republicans win at least one of the two seats up for grabs. As the state’s highest court, justices could soon consider issues such as abortion and marijuana legalization. 
  • Jarrod Lowery, a Robeson County Republican and brother of Lumbee tribal chairman John Lowery, and Charles Townsend, a Democrat, are vying for the N.C. House seat currently held by Graham.
  • Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins and Robeson County District Attorney Matt Scott are both running unopposed to keep their seats. 

Here’s everyone who is running: 

U.S. Senate

Cheri Beasley (Democrat) 

Shannon W. Bray (Libertarian) 

Ted Budd (Republican)

Matthew Hoh (Green) 

U.S. House (District 7)

Charles Graham (Democrat) 

David Rouzer (Republican)

N.C. Supreme Court (Seat 3) 

Richard Dietz (Republican)

Lucy Inman (Democrat)

N.C. Supreme Court (Seat 5) 

Sam J. Ervin IV (Democrat)

Trey Allen (Republican)

N.C. Court of Appeals (Seat 8) 

Julee Tate Flood (Republican)

Carolyn Jennings Thompson (Democrat)

N.C. Court of Appeals (Seat 9) 

Brad A. Salmon (Democrat)

Donna Stroud (Republican)

N.C. Court of Appeals (Seat 10) 

John M. Tyson (Republican)

Gale Murray Adams (Democrat)

N.C. Court of Appeals (Seat 11) 

Darren Jackson (Democrat)

Michael J. Stading (Republican) 

N.C. Senate (District 24) 

Darrel (BJ) Gibson, Jr. (Democrat)

Danny Earl Britt, Jr. (Republican) 

N.C. House (District 46) 

Brenden H. Jones (Republican)

N.C. House (District 47) 

Jarrod Lowery (Republican)

Charles Townsend (Democrat) 

N.C. District Court Judge District 16B (Seat 1) 

Brooke Locklear Clark (Democrat) 

N.C. District Court Judge District 16B (Seat 2) 

Leah Britt Lanier (Republican)

MaryJane Richardson (Democrat) 

N.C. District Court Judge District 16B (Seat 3)

Angelica Chavis McIntyre (Democrat) 

Robeson County District Attorney 

Matt Scott (Democrat) 

Robeson County Board of Commissioners (District 2) 

Pauline H. Campbell (Democrat) 

Robeson County Board of Commissioners (District 4) 

Faline Locklear Dial (Democrat) 

Scott Bell (Republican)

Robeson County Board of Commissioners (District 6)

Ray Cox (Democrat)

David L. Edge (Republican) 

Robeson County Board of Commissioners (District 8)

Lance Herndon (Democrat)

Tina S. Herring (Republican) 

Robeson County Clerk of Superior Court

Shelena Smith (Democrat)

Robeson County Sheriff

Burnis Wilkins (Democrat) 

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor (vote for two) 

Michael Herndon

Gilbert (Chip) Lewis, Jr.