Ray with Todd Bryant

The week in pictures

Part II of a three-part series on Fair Bluff and the lower Lumber River. The UNC Pembroke sustainable farming program. Photos by Les High.

Roderick McMillan with hydroponically grown lettuce.
McMillan built this hydroponic system from Youtube videos.
Ed Hunt UNCP
Ed Hunt at the site of a future demonstration farm.
Millard Locklear and Connie
Connie and Millard Locklear in one of their greenhouses.
Locklear Greenhouse
Tomatoes will run up twine attached to the roof of this greenhouse.
Locklear farm
The Locklears at their post-covid office.
Ellery Locklear in a flower greenhouse.
strawberries Pembroke
Locklear with strawberries grown at Locklear Farm.
Brenda Hunt rings up a sale.
Locklear Farm employee Donnie Revels watches sales made at a roadside stand.